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The law when transferring property

There are many instances in which a property owner may want to transfer his or her property onto a new owner. This is called the act of conveyancing. There is an attorney-involved in this process, who takes the desires and needs of the person buying, and converts those desires into a legal document. Then the next course of action will be decided upon in terms of who needs to sign and what title the new owners will hold.

How unmarried couples should define their property rights

It is becoming increasingly common for unmarried couples to live together for an extended period of time. Perhaps their intention is to never get married. However, after accumulating property, it is sensible for both parties to come to some sort of agreement on how the property should be divided in the case that the couple separates.

Protect your building project with strong contracts

When you hire a contractor for a building project, whether you are remodeling a home or building something from the ground up, there are many ways that each party's expectations may not align with the finished product. In many cases, the project may run off the rails long before reaching completion, leaving one party facing costs or difficulties they did not expect.

Joint tenancy or tenancy in common between spouses

Buying a piece of real estate is more expensive than ever in some circumstances, and more and more couples are choosing to buy property jointly than ever before. Buying property jointly allows you and your spouse or partner to use both of your incomes to qualify for a mortgage, and it also entails executing the title to the property in one of two ways — under joint tenancy or tenancy in common.

Why is a purchase agreement important?

There are numerous reasons why it is crucial to include an attorney in your real estate buying team, but one of the most important reasons is the purchase agreement. Many purchase agreements are done with standard forms that may not fully reflect the property you are buying, and without the strong guidance of an experienced attorney, you may find yourself with few good options if and when things go sideways.

Don't go into a real estate transaction without professional help

When it comes to commercial real estate transactions, as with any contract of sufficient complexity, there are many ways that the deal can go sideways. The reality of the matter is that a poorly constructed contract or difficult transaction process can turn a great deal into a nightmare, draining a good prospect of its value. If you are considering a commercial real estate deal, it is important to make sure that you have a professional team around you to help navigate some of the trickier aspects of commercial real estate.

Get a lawyer before you need one in real estate

If you are considering buying real estate, it is wise to involve an attorney who can evaluate all the terms of the purchase and help you navigate the tricky terrain of real estate. While most transactions are relatively uneventful, when problems arise in a real estate deal, they are usually like accidents during a NASCAR event — spectacular and costly.

New law addresses home-sharing

State lawmakers have been scrambling to catch up to changing trends in real estate over the last few years, especially with the popularization of home-sharing. Things are beginning to solidify, however, with a new statewide law addressing home-sharing in effect since the new year. Among other things, the new law restricts cities from outlawing home sharing.

What is the difference in a positive and negative easement?

There are myriad ways in which the process of buying real estate and the continuing ownership and development of that property can go sideways if the buyer doesn't know which potential pitfalls to look out for. For this and many other reasons, it almost always wise to enter into home buying with the guidance of someone with both the experience to know what to watch out for and the knowledge base to course-correct effectively when it is needed. One such issue that can throw a wrench in the works of buying a home is the possibility of easements on a property.

Why you want a lawyer for real estate transactions

Purchasing a home is a huge opportunity and a huge responsibility -- one that should not be taken lightly. Especially for first-time homebuyers, including a lawyer in your home-buying team can help you avoid some extremely costly missteps in the home-buying process.

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