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Dangerous shopping environments should be prevented

Shopping environments such as malls and department stores can get extremely busy and hectic, especially around the holidays. It is common for stores to employ more workers for these busy periods so that they can prevent long lines and overcrowded stores. They also have a responsibility to hire more staff to ensure that their environment is a safe one and nobody injures themselves on their property.

Becoming injured by glass on a private property

When you are present on a private property as an "invitee" this means that the owner of the property has explicitly or implicitly invited you onto his or her property. Legally, this means that they should carry out all reasonable steps to ensure that you are safe and protected from harm when you are on the property.

Were wet floor signs used incorrectly when I slipped?

It's common for wet floors to be present in all types of public spaces, from public bathrooms to shopping malls to offices. When there is a wet floor because of a spillage or from cleaning activities, it is required for wet floor signs to be present to alert people. This is intended to prevent a slip-and-fall accident from taking place.

Falling on an icy sidewalk: What to do

In colder weather, it can be a hazard to walk about on the icy streets, but it's something that we have no choice but to do in order to get from a to b. Occasionally there will be patches of streets that have not been salted or cleared in any way. It is as though whoever is responsible for the driveway or sidewalk was just waiting for an accident to happen, and it will be seen by many as sheer negligence. So when a person does fall on an icy street, who is to blame for the injuries that they suffer?

The dangers of bad lighting

No matter where we are, whether it is a supermarket, a car park, a doctors surgery or a school, we rely on light to help us walk around and navigate unknown environments. We receive roughly 85 percent of information from our sense of sight, so it's no surprise that when lighting is inadequate, we are much more susceptible to accidents and injuries.

Badly placed rugs are often to blame for fall injuries

Slip-and-fall injuries on private properties are extremely common, and can cause a great deal of pain and suffering to the person involved. The exact cause of any accident or injury is very hard to pinpoint, no matter the circumstances, because there are always a multitude of contributing factors that need to be evaluated.

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