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May 2018 Archives

What to do when struggling to pay your mortgage

Having a mortgage is a big commitment, and it means that you need to stay on top of your finances each month so that you can always make the payments. While this may be relatively easy when you have a stable job and no health concerns, situations can change quickly.

What not to do after a car accident in Maricopa

Motor vehicle accidents are all too common in Maricopa. There are so many vehicles driving at varying speeds on the roads. There are hundreds of distracted drivers. There are drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel. There is debris in the road. These are all reasons why accidents happen. Here's what you shouldn't do following a car accident in Arizona.

Bad lighting and stair falls

When you are in a shopping mall, restaurant or other private premises, you expect to be kept safe at all times as long as you behave safely yourself. In fact, this is essentially true under the law, since all premises owners have the legal duty to keep their visitors reasonably safe while they are in their premises.

How to make yourself visible on a motorcycle in Arizona

As you prepare to head out for a nice ride on your motorcycle this spring season you need to do a couple of things to ensure your safety. Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. It can also be one of the most exhilarating things you will do in Arizona if you do it safely. Today's post will provide you with tips for making yourself visible to other motorists when on your motorcycle so you can avoid getting into an accident.

Taking action after a bounce house injury

There are many ways to keep your children entertained during weekends and holidays in Arizona, and bounce houses have become a popular activity over the years. They can be a great form of exercise for children of all ages. However, many parents do not realize how dangerous they can be.

Are you aware of how dangerous it is to sleep and drive?

If you normally find yourself in the driver’s seat without getting enough rest for you to feel completely alert, you could find yourself getting into an avoidable car accident. You are one of many motorists in the Avondale area and across the nation who may be too sleep-deprived to operate their vehicles safely. 

Spring motorcycle prep for riders in Arizona

Arizona is known for its warm weather pretty much all year long. This means that most motorcycle enthusiasts will get to enjoy their bike during every season. With that being said, some motorcyclists might still put their bike away for the winter in Maricopa. If this is the case, it's time to get the bike ready for the spring season so it is tuned up and ready to go for the first ride.

Don't forget your pets in your estate planning

Too many animals end up in shelters because their owners didn't plan for what would happen to their four-legged companions after they died. Often, people assume that family members will care for their critters and perhaps they intend to. However, sometimes all it takes is one nip from a frightened, confused animal who has just lost his beloved person for those promises to evaporate.

Taking the first steps in creating an estate plan

As you get older or as your children grow up, the importance of having a good estate plan will likely occur to you. Before you start estate planning, it is a good idea to make sure that you understand all the aspects that go into the creation of an estate plan, and what types of preparation should take place.

Frequently asked premises liability questions

Premises liability is an important topic that every property owner should understand. It's also important for visitors to properties to understand the laws surrounding premises liability. Injuries can occur on a property that can lead to legal issues down the road. The more you know about premises liability in Arizona, the better off you will be as a property owner or visitor.

Considering taking action after a restaurant injury

There are risks everywhere in this world, and therefore, we must exhibit reasonable care and caution wherever we go. However, a restaurant or other public establishment also has the responsibility to ensure that their customers are kept reasonably safe on their property at all times.

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