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June 2018 Archives

Uber driver in self-driving car was watching videos before crash

Arizona police have concluded that the woman at the helm of a self-driving Uber vehicle that struck and killed a pedestrian was watching the television series, The Voice, on her smartphone when the accident happened. According to authorities, the fatal accident could have been avoided if the driver had been paying attention to the road as she was supposed to be.

Understanding pour-over wills when planning your estate

When planning your estate, it is important to know information about the different types of wills available to you. Equipping yourself with all the details will help you to make wise decisions and will mean that your beneficiaries will stand to inherit as much of your estate as possible at the end of your life.

Are zoning or contract disputes costing you too much?

What is a homeowner to do when a project under construction comes to a grinding halt? A delay can come in many forms — stop-work orders, zoning problems, inclement weather, contractual disputes — but the end result will always hit you right in the wallet.

The elements of a valid will

If you are starting to plan your estate, you will probably think about making a will first. Wills are a great way to put your final wishes in writing and to make them legally enforceable; however, there are certain elements that need to be present in order for a will to be valid.

A 4th pedestrian dies months after a Fountain Hills SUV crash

The final one of four pedestrians who were struck by a 27-year-old motorist when his sports utility vehicle (SUV) jumped the curb crashing into them has now also died. The sad news was shared with the public in a press release issued by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday, June 12, the same day that the victim also died.

Why seniors are much more likely to fall

Arizona is an ideal place to retire, thanks to enviable weather, an affordable cost of living and plenty of opportunities to enjoy food, shopping and entertainment. As an Arizona senior, however, you also face unique safety and health hazards that differ from those faced by younger generations, and one of those hazards involves your risk of suffering a serious fall.

What are the three types of takings under eminent domain?

When land is privately owned, the idea that it could be taken by the government for public use is not usually considered. However, the surprising reality is that under certain circumstances, it is possible for the government to do just that. The act of the government taking privately owned property away from its owner is known as eminent domain.

33 percent of parents leave unequal bequests

Surprising new research shows that unequal bequests are growing more and more common with the decades. Now, it looks like about 33 percent of parents -- one out of every three -- do not use equal distribution when leaving money and assets to their heirs.

Taking action after an elevator injury

Sometimes you have no choice but to use an elevator in order to get from one place to another. Whether you are using an elevator in a shopping mall, office building or in your own apartment building, elevators are a necessity in many people's commute. Like all forms of transport however, there is a risk of accidents when using an elevator.

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