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As a hotel guest, you have certain rights

There is no place like home. Still, when in the Phoenix area, you can come close to the comforts of home by booking a stay in a nice hotel. As you probably know, though, even with some research and planning, you cannot completely eliminate your odds of winding up in substandard lodging. 

You are not a demanding person, but you do expect certain things when you stay in a hotel. If you find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation, you generally must act quickly to seek a remedy. Before you complain, you should know a few things about your rights as a hotel guest. 

A right to be safe 

Hotel owners must keep their properties in good condition to protect you from injury. If your room is hazardous, you may have a valid claim for compensation for any injuries you sustain as a guest. The same is true for public areas of the hotel. Nonetheless, you also have a duty to act reasonably. If you are careless or negligent, the hotel may have a workable defense. 

A right to privacy and property 

Recently, a woman sued Hilton Worldwide, alleging a worker filmed her in the shower. Clearly, you have a right to privacy inside your hotel room. You also have a right to your personal property, although most hotels are not responsible for theft of any personal property you did not secure in an in-house safe. 

A right to be reasonably comfortable 

When you shop for hotel rooms, you know that not all rooms are the same. While five-star accommodations may be opulent, budget hotels often offer the bare minimum. Still, all hotels must make sure you are reasonably comfortable. For example, you have the right to stay in a clean and ventilated room. You also do not have to put up with bedbug or other insect infestations. 

For most hotel stays, accommodations range from fine to lovely. If your stay was terrible, though, you may be able to recover damages. By understanding your rights as a hotel guest, you can best determine how to proceed.


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