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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Examples of common vehicle defects that could result in a recall

Nobody purchases a vehicle expecting to have a serious problem that could put their health at risk. But this happens a lot more often than anyone cares to admit. Countless auto manufacturers have had to institute global recalls -- of millions of vehicles -- due to simple yet potentially deadly manufacturing errors.

What would you give to bring back someone who died?

The great pain and sadness that comes from the unexpected loss of a loved one are inconceivable for someone who has never experienced it. But the longer we're alive, the more likely we'll experience this kind of pain. Tragically, one of the primary sources of an unexpected death -- the motor vehicle accident -- is usually avoidable. In most fatal crashes, police and personal injury lawyers can point the finger of blame at an individual who was careless, reckless or unlawful.

The Takata air bag disaster: More than just a bunch of hot air

The Takata air bag scandal is a great deal more than just a bunch of hot air. Indeed, these defective air bags have affected tens of millions of cars. According to some estimates, by the end of 2019, as many as 65 to 70 million vehicles will have been recalled as a part of this safety nightmare. To date, 23 people have already been killed by the defective devices.

Ford recalls 1 million more cars for exploding air bags

Air bags are supposed to make you safer. They're not supposed to explode and shoot metal shrapnel through your vehicle like a tiny bomb. The problem is, many Ford vehicles are equipped with defective Takata air bag inflators that are in danger of doing exactly that. Ford Motor Co. has already recalled millions of vehicles for this problem during the last several years, and recently, the company announced it will recall 953,000 more.

Everybody's prone to getting distracted while driving

There's no way to "fool-proof" yourself against distracted driving. Indeed, anything can catch your attention and divert your eyes away from the road. However, there are some types of distractions that are avoidable and drivers need to do everything they can to prevent them: Like cell phones, putting on make-up, getting into heated conversations and playing with the radio while navigating traffic to name a few.

Modern vehicle features could save your life

Every time you get behind the wheel, you risk getting into a life-altering crash. Of course, you'll probably get from "A" to "B" just fine without getting into a collision, and this is why driving a vehicle can seem so deceptively safe. In fact, one false move by a negligent driver could cost you your life in an instant, which is why you may want to buy the newest vehicle available that is equipped with all the modern safety features.

Teach your teenagers about distracted driving

Modern drivers have grown up with excellent education and information about why drunk driving is dangerous and deadly, so they're less likely to do so compared to other generations. Conversely, young drivers may not have grown up learning about the dangers of distracted driving, which is why parents need to make it their responsibility to teach their young ones why they shouldn't do it.

The most reckless things you can do behind the wheel

Everyone knows that driving is a risky and potentially dangerous activity; nevertheless, navigating traffic in a motor vehicle is a necessary part of most of our lives. For this reason, we all need to make sure that we're driving as safely as possible, and that means being attentive, responsible, well-rested and following the rules of the road.

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