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Creating a charitable trust in Arizona

A large part of planning an estate is about deciding what kind of legacy you would like to leave after your lifetime. While it is likely that you will want to leave a large portion of your assets to your loved ones, you may also want to consider helping a charity that is close to your heart.

Creating an incentives trust

When you have children or grandchildren, you will know that it can be challenging to encourage them to make wise life choices. Delaying gratification can be rewarding and pay off handsomely in the future, but younger people can find it difficult to delay gratification unaided.

Protecting your assets through the use of a trust

When people create trusts, they generally do so for a number of different reasons. They might want to create a trust in the name of a relative for inheritance reasons, they might create a charitable trust so that their assets will be donated to a chosen charity after their death or they may want to protect their assets by keeping them out of the grasp of creditor claims.

Comparing trusts with wills in estate planning

When starting to plan your estate, it can be sightly confusing to figure out whether creating a trust or a will is more beneficial. Deciding on wills and trusts can be done after a careful analysis of your financial situation, as well as who you want to benefit from your estate and how.

Don't forget your pets in your estate planning

Too many animals end up in shelters because their owners didn't plan for what would happen to their four-legged companions after they died. Often, people assume that family members will care for their critters and perhaps they intend to. However, sometimes all it takes is one nip from a frightened, confused animal who has just lost his beloved person for those promises to evaporate.

How to properly transfer assets into a trust

Many people make the strategic decision to transfer some of their assets into a living trust. They may have several reasons for doing this. The most common reasons typically relate to the desire to bypass taxes and to be able to transfer inheritance to their heirs without the need to go through probate.

Managing wealth through trusts

A great way to manage wealth is by setting up a trust. If you also want to set up a trust in order to manage your estate, it can be beneficial because it will help you avoid the cost of probate in the future. Trusts can also protect your assets and give you peace of mind that your future affairs will be taken care of.

Using a spendthrift trust to protect your heirs

When you are creating a trust, you will likely be concerned about how your heirs will benefit from it in the future. If your heirs are particularly young, or you worry about how they will spend your hard-earned cash, you might start to wonder about ways that you can control how your trust is used, even after your death.

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