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Understanding the entire probate process

Many people understand the basic concept of the probate process, though they often do not know much about the specific timeline and the many steps involved. If you are starting to plan your estate in the state of Arizona, you may want to learn more about what exactly the probate process entails. This will help you to be better equipped with the knowledge that you need in order to make important decisions about your estate.

Understanding elective shares

When two people are married, they have certain rights to inherit assets after one person passes away. This is because they are dependent on each other financially during the marriage, and therefore, the law has been designed and developed in order to protect the surviving spouse and help him or her to live to a similar standard going forward.

The grounds for contesting an Arizona will

When you have a loved one who passes away, it can be a very difficult time both emotionally and from a logistical perspective. Therefore, it is important that you seek support from friends and other relatives while you are going through the process. Many unforeseen things can happen when dealing with a loved one's estate, and you may realize that the will is not what you expected at all.

Understanding pour-over wills when planning your estate

When planning your estate, it is important to know information about the different types of wills available to you. Equipping yourself with all the details will help you to make wise decisions and will mean that your beneficiaries will stand to inherit as much of your estate as possible at the end of your life.

Taking the first steps in creating an estate plan

As you get older or as your children grow up, the importance of having a good estate plan will likely occur to you. Before you start estate planning, it is a good idea to make sure that you understand all the aspects that go into the creation of an estate plan, and what types of preparation should take place.

Is it worth it to challenge a will?

Losing a loved one is always a stressful and emotional time. With it also comes the need to organize your loved one's finances and often it is necessary to go through the process of probate. When learning of a loved one's last will, you may be surprised or believe that it is not what he or she truly intended. Perhaps you also think that another person has coerced your loved one into writing a will that was favorable to him or her.

Avoiding probate and creating a legacy

At some point, we all have to face the realities of passing our estate over to our children and other family members. Although it might not be the most uplifting of things to organize, it is a great way to start thinking about the legacy that you wish to leave for your loved ones and the positive things that you see in their futures.

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