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Are you shopping for a house you can afford?

One of the biggest mistakes that homebuyers make involves hunting for a home they can't afford. While it's true that a bigger, more expensive, more beautiful and better-located home could be more enjoyable for your family, it's vital to reign in your enthusiasm to prevent going outside of your budget and falling into financial problems later down the road.

How to prevent losing your home in Arizona

One of the most stressful aspects of struggling financially is the prospect of losing your home. This can be especially true if you are a family with dependent children, since losing the family home may mean losing the connection to all the memories made within it.

Michael Faith - Part Of The History And Future Of The West Valley

Michael Faith, the Managing Partner at the law firm of Faith, Ledyard & Faith PLC, is building a secure future in the West Valley, the same area that his family has a strong history in its growth and development. Born in the West Valley, he is a third-generation Arizonian who is happy to keep his roots growing in his hometown.

Is it possible to sell a house with mold?

If you want to sell your house quickly, it is likely that you won't want to spend time refurbishing it so that it's in its best possible state. However if when you were getting your house ready for sale you noticed structural and environmental issues such as mold, you may be concerned that this will severely affect the selling price of the house and whether you will be able to sell it at all.

Conveyancing in Arizona

When a home is sold to a new owner, conveyancing is the process of transferring this property in a measured and organized way. There are some legal requirements that must be observed when transferring property, and these legal requirements help to protect both the buyer and the seller.

What to do when struggling to pay your mortgage

Having a mortgage is a big commitment, and it means that you need to stay on top of your finances each month so that you can always make the payments. While this may be relatively easy when you have a stable job and no health concerns, situations can change quickly.

What happens when I do not pay my mortgage?

A mortgage is a type of debt, and when it is not paid, it gives the creditor some rights. It is important that you keep up with your mortgage repayments, because it is usually a very significant amount of debt, and not paying could lead to you losing your home.

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