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Can a premises be held responsible for a lack of repair?

When you are doing grocery shopping or wandering around a shopping mall, it is likely that you will be more concerned about finding the items you want to purchase than about any hidden dangers that might be present on the premises. This is because we have the right to expect that the premises we enter will be reasonably safe.

How quickly does a hazard need to be fixed on a premises?

When in a store, restaurant or shopping mall, the premises owner has the responsibility to keep it as safe as possible for you and all other guests. However, hazards and dangers will arise from time to time on a premises. While the law does not expect any given premises to be completely free of hazards and dangers, it does demand that premises owners do what is reasonably possible in order to attend to the hazards and prevent an accident or an injury from occurring.

Reasons why stair accidents happen

We tend to use stairs in almost any type of building or premises that we encounter. We often use many different staircases every day, and it is likely that we do not even notice when we are doing so. Using stairs is such an automatic activity for many of us that we expect the steps to be uniform in height and to be safe for use. Therefore, when they are not as we expect them to be, accidents and injuries can occur as a result.

Claiming damages after being injured at a party

When you are present on another person's property as a welcome visitor or as a guest, the owner of the premises has the duty to do whatever is reasonably necessary in order to keep you safe. This holds true for house parties that are held at a home. It is true that when alcohol is involved, parties can become hazardous. However, the host of the party and the premises owner must ensure that everyone is kept safe and that those who are intoxicated do not have further access to alcohol on the premises in order to avoid potential injuries.

Dealing with an injury from an Arizona hotel room

When taking a vacation in the state of Arizona, you will expect to have a fun and relaxing time, and you might even be planning for a luxury stay at a high-end hotel. No matter what type for hotel you stay in, you will at least expect to be safe from harm. Unfortunately, injuries occur in Arizona hotels each year. In many cases, action can be taken against the hotel owner for the damages that occurred.

Retail hazards that commonly cause injuries

Dangers can arise in any environment, but when we visit a public space such as a retail store, we never expect that we will become injured due to a preventable hazard that was not addressed by the premises. When injuries like this occur, an injured person will likely suffer pain, need to take time off work and lose wages as a result, and they may also need to pay a significant amount in medical bills.

Fitness center hot tubs can be dangerous

Going to a hotel or a fitness center and enjoying facilities such as the hot tub can be a fun activity for all the family. It can provide an opportunity to have much needed relaxation time. However, occasionally hot tubs can present dangers and lead to injuries, especially when they have not been adequately maintained by the premises.

Making a claim for being overserved in a bar

When you order a drink in a bar, you expect to be served what you originally ordered, and the amount that you originally ordered, too. This is especially true when you go to a bar and order a nonalcoholic drink, because you may intend to drive or engage in another activity that should not be mixed with alcohol.

What to do immediately after an injury on a premises

When you have been injured in a premises such as a bar, a restaurant or a shopping mall in Arizona, you may be confused as to how you should take action. If you believe that your injury was the fault of the premises, it is very important that you consider the damages that you have suffered and how your can hold the premises responsible.

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