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Taking action after an elevator injury

Sometimes you have no choice but to use an elevator in order to get from one place to another. Whether you are using an elevator in a shopping mall, office building or in your own apartment building, elevators are a necessity in many people's commute. Like all forms of transport however, there is a risk of accidents when using an elevator.

Bad lighting and stair falls

When you are in a shopping mall, restaurant or other private premises, you expect to be kept safe at all times as long as you behave safely yourself. In fact, this is essentially true under the law, since all premises owners have the legal duty to keep their visitors reasonably safe while they are in their premises.

Taking action after a bounce house injury

There are many ways to keep your children entertained during weekends and holidays in Arizona, and bounce houses have become a popular activity over the years. They can be a great form of exercise for children of all ages. However, many parents do not realize how dangerous they can be.

Frequently asked premises liability questions

Premises liability is an important topic that every property owner should understand. It's also important for visitors to properties to understand the laws surrounding premises liability. Injuries can occur on a property that can lead to legal issues down the road. The more you know about premises liability in Arizona, the better off you will be as a property owner or visitor.

Considering taking action after a restaurant injury

There are risks everywhere in this world, and therefore, we must exhibit reasonable care and caution wherever we go. However, a restaurant or other public establishment also has the responsibility to ensure that their customers are kept reasonably safe on their property at all times.

Becoming injured at an Arizona gym

Gymnasiums are a place where you can hope to improve your strength and fitness, and become more resilient both physically and emotionally. However, it is important to remember that a gym can be a dangerous environment, and injuries that are acquired as a result can severely affect your quality of life.

Taking action after a broken glass fall

When you are in a public premises, whether it is a restaurant, bar or shopping mall, the premises owner and therefore the management has the primary responsibility to keep you safe. As a visitor to the premises, you expect that you will be safe from injury, which is an expectation affirmed by the law.

Taking action after a bowling alley injury

Bowling is a fun activity to participate in with friends and family. It means that you can have an active day or evening out, and indulge in your favorite foods and drinks at the same time. However, not all bowling alley visits are fun and games. Some people have experiences that result in accidents and injuries.

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