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Avoid construction problems by knowing Arizona’s foundation

A 17.5 acre project that costs $90.5 million could be an Arizona contractor’s dream, or a nightmare if something were to go wrong. A money-making project can easily have its profits eaten up if the building process has any delays or if problems are created during the building phase, creating a legal quagmire that could require special attention.

P83, which will be located near the Peoria Sports Complex in the Greater Phoenix Area, will feature 16 retail shops, a hotel, eight restaurants, office space, a large entertainment space and two parking garages. There is still some fear that P83 will not take off, much like Glendale’s Westgate Entertainment District. Westgate opened in 2006, and never grew to its expected size. With construction bids and the construction site taken care of, many believe that the project’s mix of high-end retail shops and fine-dining restaurants will make it a thriving venue.

Once the construction phase begins, those working on projects like P83 will want to be careful to avoid potential foundation defects. Things contractors may want to keep in mind are possible expansive soils, water intrusion, thermal and moisture protection and structural integrity. Engineers, architects and design professionals who do not collaboratively work together may also create potential for defects. Contractors can consider the quality of materials being used to construct the complex and can watch for poor quality workmanship.

In addition, construction contract attorneys may be able to offer legal advice to commercial developers working on projects such as P83. Whether a contractor is having problems dealing with licensing, insurance bid protests or permits and variances, an attorney who has a general contractor background may be able to offer valuable insight those who may encounter construction problems at some time during their career. Even if any issues do arise, those involved can work together to make projects like this one a success for all.

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