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Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law
Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law

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Cost-Effective Resolution Of Property Disputes

With more than three decades of experience in the field of real estate law, Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, has the knowledge and resources to handle any type of property dispute. Our Avondale-based law firm represents developers, property owners, homeowners associations, lenders, government entities and other parties seeking to protect their property interests.

We handle all types of property dispute litigation, including:

  • Boundary disputes and adverse possession
  • Quiet title actions
  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Deed restrictions
  • Easements and right-of-way disputes
  • Eminent domain
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Other types of real estate litigation

For experienced and capable legal representation in your property dispute, call Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, at 623-806-8994.

Experience That Works For You

Attorney Paul J. Faith, the founder of our firm, is a licensed contractor who has practiced real estate law for more than 40 years. Both he and attorney Michael P. Faith are certified as Real Estate Specialists by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

Our extensive experience in real estate law enables us to efficiently assess the strengths and weaknesses in any type of property dispute. Our goal in such cases is not to run up our clients’ legal fees. Rather, we seek results in a timely manner while keeping legal costs reasonable. When Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, represents you, we will be committed to protecting your rights and interests.

Let Us Help You Settle Your Property Dispute

To speak with a lawyer about your real estate law matter, call Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, at 623-806-8994. Headquartered in Avondale, we represent clients in the Greater Phoenix area and throughout Arizona. You can also contact our team online.