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Title Defects And Title Insurance Claims

A defect in title, an unresolved mechanic’s lien or an adverse possession claim can bring a sudden halt to an ambitious real estate project. Meanwhile, costs continue to accrue. That’s when Faith Law, PLC, can make a difference. We act quickly to cure title defects and resolve problem escrows so that real estate transactions can move forward.

If you face a title defect problem, call us at 623-806-8994. We’ll do everything we can to clear the logjam in a timely manner.

Experienced Title Claim Dispute Attorneys

For more than three decades, Faith Law, PLC, has been an important fixture in the West Valley and Greater Phoenix real estate scene. We provide a full range of real estate law services, including vigorous representation in title defect and title insurance claim cases.

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of industry practices regarding title insurance, survey documents, lending documents, and mechanic’s and materialman’s liens. We will take prompt action to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Quiet Title Actions

During the real estate boom in the first decade of the 21st century, title insurance companies and mortgage lenders worked overtime to complete deals. Inevitably, they made mistakes or inserted inaccurate information into their records. In other cases, property owners encroached upon neighbors’ land, creating potentially valid claims to that land.

At Faith Law, PLC, we provide results-oriented representation in quiet title disputes and claims and other types of property disputes. We will work hard to achieve results for you.

Whatever Your Need, Our Firm Is Ready To Help

To schedule a consultation about a quiet title claim, title defect claim or adverse possession claim in Arizona, call Faith Law, PLC, at 623-806-8994 or contact us online. Headquartered in Goodyear, we represent clients throughout the Greater Phoenix area and Arizona.