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Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law

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Get Legal Advice After A Crash On Interstate 10 Or Another Area Highway

The location of our Avondale law office means that we are often aware of accidents on local highways, including I-10 and state highways 303 and 101. Our lawyers know all too well how serious and complicated these collisions can be.

At Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, we work with people injured in highway accidents in the West Valley area as well as elsewhere in the Phoenix metro area and statewide. We are aware of trends and conditions such as traffic congestion and dust storms that can make driving on these highways treacherous at times.

A Local Law Firm Serving The West Valley Region

You may live in this area or you may have been in a crash in this area but live elsewhere. Many other clients in your shoes have found our car accident attorneys to be helpful and effective in handling cases involving:

  • Car versus truck crashes
  • Car and truck versus motorcycle crashes
  • Multiple-vehicle crashes
  • Collisions involving buses, vans and campers

Highway accidents often differ from crashes on city streets in the following ways:

  • Speed limits are higher, and, no matter how high they are, many drivers go even faster.
  • Injuries tend to be more severe because of the speed factor.
  • Over-the-road trucks and vehicles driven by out-of-state tourists are commonly part of the traffic congestion on these highways.
  • Highway entrances and exits are often the sites of truck rollovers, which sometimes trigger secondary crashes.
  • Passing and tailgating can be particularly dangerous maneuvers at high speeds.
  • State troopers may arrive at the scene instead of city police officers.

For each of these distinctions, we have extensive knowledge. Our attorneys have 100 combined years of experience and have helped many previous clients who were injured in similar circumstances. We are ready to fast-track your highway accident case.

Get An Investigation Started As Soon As Possible

A prompt investigation can make a great difference after a crash on an interstate or state highway. Evidence of what happened and why it happened may soon disappear. The sooner you get a trial lawyer working on your case, the more promising your prospects may be.

To reach us in Avondale, call 623-806-8994 or send an email request for a free consultation. If necessary, we will come to your home or hospital or meet with you via a videoconference.