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Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law
Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law

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Providing Results-Oriented Representation

Are you seeking an Arizona business corporate law attorney to resolve a business dispute? Are you considering suing a construction company for defects? Has someone filed a personal injury lawsuit against you?

The law firm of Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, in Avondale, Arizona, provides aggressive, experienced representation to people involved in general and civil litigation. Our attorneys handle a wide range of disputes from business law issues to real estate and construction law to personal injury.

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Comprehensive Litigation Representation

We handle all litigation matters, including:

An Approach Tailored To Your Needs

We take a personal approach to civil litigation cases, tailoring our representation to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. We will help our clients analyze their situation to decide on the best course of action to obtain a favorable outcome, whether that is negotiations with the opposing party or aggressive litigation tactics.

Alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration may be mandatory for cases under $50,000. Our litigation lawyers have experience representing clients in arbitrations, as well as acting as arbitrators. We understand how to present a case so that a third party clearly understands and thus seriously considers our clients’ point of view.

Civil Litigation Is Complicated — Let Us Help

If you are involved in a civil litigation dispute, call us today at 623-806-8994 to speak with an attorney.