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Commercial Real Estate

Faith Law, PLC, is a law firm dedicated to helping our clients succeed in their business ventures. Commercial real estate forms a major part of our practice. Our clients include major developers in the Phoenix area, banks, private lenders, corporations and individual property owners.

We facilitate commercial real estate transactions of all types and help developers overcome legal, financial and regulatory obstacles. We draft leases and resolve disputes between commercial landlords and tenants. Our attorneys represent commercial property owners in real estate litigation. In these and other commercial real estate matters, we are driven to succeed on behalf of our clients.

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Providing Quality Services To Property Owners, Developers And Lenders

Faith Law, PLC, provides a complete range of services and representation in the field of commercial real estate, including:

Faith Law, PLC, is well-known and well-respected in the West Valley and the Greater Phoenix area. Our clients appreciate our comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market in our region and our responsiveness. Colleagues in the legal and real estate industries appreciate our professionalism and the high standards to which we work. Administrative and elected officials throughout our region know they can trust what we say.

When you choose us to serve you, we will respond by providing quality legal services that get results.

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For a consultation about a commercial real estate matter, call Faith Law, PLC, at 623-806-8994 or contact us online. Headquartered in Goodyear, we serve clients throughout Arizona.