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Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law
Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law

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Legal Advocacy For Contractors And Subcontractors

Construction is a tough business. Inevitable delays or disputes can eat into profits, bring projects to a halt or damage your reputation and future prospects. Contractors must deal with problems on multiple fronts: buyers, developers, suppliers, subcontractors, lenders, regulators and permitting authorities.

At the Avondale law firm of Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, we help builders deal with the legalities so that they can concentrate on the job and generate profits.

We advise and represent construction contractors and subcontractors in the West Valley, Greater Phoenix, statewide Arizona and nationwide. We also represent private parties and landowners who have construction problems or matters before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC).

Founding attorney Paul J. Faith and attorney Michael P. Faith are both board-certified Real Estate Specialists. Paul is also a licensed general contractor with 40 years of experience in the field, giving him extensive knowledge of development, construction and business law.

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Construction Law Attorneys Protecting Your Rights And Interests

We provide comprehensive legal services to construction companies, from business startup to representation before the ROC:

As a longtime residential and commercial contractor, Paul Faith understands the politics and day-to-day realities of the construction business in a way that other attorneys do not. As an experienced lawyer with a broad background in business, real estate development, governmental law and civil litigation, he can anticipate and avoid many legal problems and help construction clients resolve disputes as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.

Contact Attorneys Who Know Construction Law

There is no substitute for experience, especially with an attorney who is as comfortable in a hard hat as he is in a courtroom. Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, will work to protect your contractor’s license and your company’s bottom line. Call 623-806-8994 or contact us online.