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When Your Freedom Is At Stake

If you are charged with a crime or are under investigation, the knowledge and skill of your attorney may be all that stands between you and a jail cell. At Faith Law, PLC, in Goodyear, we understand that this is not a game, but a fight for your freedom and your future.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers handle felony and misdemeanor charges. We represent people in the West Valley, Greater Phoenix and surrounding counties and throughout Arizona. We can step in at any stage, but strongly advise hiring an attorney as early as possible — especially before making statements to the police or waiving any rights.

Call us immediately at 623-806-8994 for a free consultation.

Veteran Representation For Serious Charges

We have defended clients in Arizona courts against major and minor criminal charges, including:

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can take control of the situation and protect your rights during the legal process, from prearrest, arrest and bail through pretrial hearings, motions and negotiations. We are prepared to take your case to a jury if you are facing jail, years in prison or other harsh punishment.

Our Insights As Former Prosecutors Are Your Advantage

Our criminal defense attorneys all have prosecution experience. They interact with the best defense lawyers in Arizona, keeping themselves up to date on the law and cutting-edge defense theories.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the forensic science tools available to the prosecution, and they aggressively apply these same methods in our defense strategies.

Our Team Is Ready To Fight For You

An experienced attorney can best protect your rights. Contact us now at 623-806-8994 for a free initial criminal defense consultation.