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Sidecars change the feel of a motorcycle

Sidecars are certainly not common, at least when compared to how many motorcycles there are, but they do have their fans. Many people with whom they are popular want to take family members or spouses riding with them. A sidecar seems like a simple way to do it without having to teach that person how to ride.

As useful as these can be, it's important to note that they change the feel of the motorcycle. The balance is massively different and the motorcyclist cannot lean into the turns in the same way. While there is greater stability, that means it may come at the cost of a reduction in traditional handling and agility.

How does a dust storm impact the roads?

When you live in the west, you're bound to see a dust storm at one time or another. This weather hazard can make the roads dangerous and pose a threat to drivers. Dust storms can be blinding and lead to slick roads that drivers have trouble stopping on.

Since dust storms can happen suddenly, it's important for drivers to know what to do if they hit. Here are three tips to help you stay safe on the roads when a dust storm is present.

If you're involved in an accident, stay at the scene

Regardless of fault, if you get involved in a car accident, stay at the scene. Do not leave. Wait for the authorities to arrive. If you need medical treatment, call 911.

But do not leave for any reason. Maybe you're going to be late for work. Maybe you don't think the damage is that bad. It doesn't matter. You need to stay at the scene. In some cases, leaving can bring on felony charges. These can be life-changing. Don't risk that by going anywhere else.

Who is liable for a child's injuries after trespassing?

Property owners often assume that they are not liable for any injuries that happen on their property if the victim was not supposed to be there in the first place and they were really just trespassing. However, this is often not actually the case.

One example is known as the attractive nuisance doctrine. It specifically relates to children, noting that a homeowner who has a dangerous condition on their property, one that may attract children who do not understand the risks involved, can still be liable if those children get hurt.

Why you should slow down in low visibility

When visibility gets low on the road, some drivers just continue on at the speed limit, acting as if nothing is wrong. After all, as long as they're not speeding, that limit tells them what is safe, right? At least, that's the way they see it.

The truth, though, is that it is usually wise to slow down in low visibility. A driver who does so will:

  • Increase their reaction times
  • Give themselves longer stopping distances
  • Refrain from passing other cars, which is very dangerous in low visibility
  • Not have to change lanes to get around someone else
  • Avoid hydroplaning on wet roads
  • Keep from having to brake suddenly and skid

One potential drawback to electric motorcycles

Though there will clearly be some push-back from those who love gas-powered motorcycles, much as there has been with electric cars, it often feels as if electric motorcycles are the wave of the future. They break the dependency on gas, people can charge them in their garage and they tend to have all of the power you would ever need for most drives. There is some question of range, but even that gets longer with every generation and eventually will not pose the problem that it does today.

All that said, there is one potential drawback to consider with these electric bikes. The issue -- and this is a feature and many people actually love -- is that they are just so quiet.

Things to consider when buying an empty lot

When considering real estate purchases, a lot of focus is put on buying homes, businesses and other existing structures. However, there is still a lot of empty or vacant land in Arizona, and one option people have is to buy an empty lot and then build. If you're thinking about doing this, what should you be looking for?

The first thing to consider is location. Why is this particular location ideal for your needs? Buying an empty lot likely moves you out of urban centers. Will that help or hurt your goals?

A motorcycle instructor's safety red flags

Motorcycle instructors are in a unique position to get to interact with those who are just learning how to ride. They guide them through a safety course that they need to pass in order to get the right license and take their bike out on the street.

However, instructors admit that some of the riders who pass the test still don't seem all that safe to them. They see red flags. One instructor said these were the top issues he noticed with these riders:

  1. They did not have enough self-discipline. Even if they knew how to ride safely, he worried that they would not actually do it outside of the course.
  2. They acted like they already knew it all. They were resistant to learning, even from someone like him who had vastly more experience and knowledge.
  3. The first bike that they ever purchased was "a rocket." They thought smaller bikes were boring and they bought massive, overpowered bikes despite their lack of experience.
  4. They had poor spacial awareness or poor judgment skills. This could lead to simple mistakes that others would not make. They may have just been poor drivers in all vehicles, and a motorcycle is decidedly more dangerous than a car.
  5. They wanted to do wheelies, break the speed limit and seek out the adrenaline rush of riding. It was clear that the rush was their focus, not careful and controlled riding with an emphasis on safety.

A pedestrian dies every 88 minutes

It's all too easy to think of car accidents as something that happens to other people, and that makes them feel less common -- like less of a threat than they really are. When you break down the statistics, though, it can really bring home the level of risk that you actually face.

For instance, how much time do you spend walking near traffic? Maybe you enjoy jogging to stay in shape without a gym membership. Maybe you just take your dog for a walk every day.

You can create a trust for yourself

The main reasons that people use trusts are often to leave money to their heirs while still maintaining some control over it. For instance, if you are worried that your heir will waste all of the money quickly, you can put it into a spendthrift trust. If you want them to use the money to pay for their college tuition, you can use an educational trust.

However, did you know that you can also set up a trust for yourself?

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