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Car accidents take approximately 37,000 lives per year

Car accidents happen far too often, and far too many people lose their lives.

Every time you get behind the wheel, it's likely that you probably do not think about the odds of getting into a serious accident. That's something that happens to someone else. It's something you see on the news.

Pedestrian hit and killed by teen driver

One man is dead after a serious accident in Arizona, in which he was actually struck by two vehicles in quick succession.

The incident happened around 11:00 p.m. on Friday, July 12. It occurred in east Tucson. The police department got a call saying there had been an accident resulting in serious injuries, and they responded quickly.

Arizona has a high percentage of motorcycle fatalities

Arizona is a very popular destination for motorcyclists, who have a longer season riding in the state than they would enjoy in many other parts of the country

The unfortunate reality is that this also means that Arizona sees a far higher percentage of motorcycle fatalities than you would find in other states. You can see this clearly when you compare motorcycle deaths in a calendar year to total auto accident deaths within the state.

Motorcycle modifications may put you at risk

Part of the fun of owning a motorcycle is dreaming of ways to get more out of it. With aftermarket modifications and custom components, you have a seemingly endless number of options. Still, not every motorcycle modification is a good idea. On the contrary, some aftermarket upgrades may put your life in jeopardy. 

In 2017, nearly 5,000 riders lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in the United States. While the number of motorcycle fatalities decreased nationwide that year, it increased in Arizona. Even though you may not be able to modify the behaviors of drivers, you can make your bike as safe as possible. When modifying your machine, consider the following recommendations: 

Does the beneficiary pay taxes on an educational trust?

An educational trust is a way to leave money to a beneficiary so that they can pay for college. Often, the person who sets up the trust specifies that the only way the money can be used, at least until the student graduates, is to pay for their education.

What they may wonder, then, is if they have to pay taxes on this money. Does it count as income when they get those payouts every year?

It's important to have a motorcycle helmet that fits properly

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is one of the most important safety-related steps you can take. Helmets massively reduce the odds of head injuries, brain injuries and fatalities in motorcycle crashes.

Many times, you can't prevent a crash. You can follow the rules of the road and drive safely, but you are still at the mercy of everyone else. If another driver makes a mistake, it doesn't matter that you acted safely. You can still get hit and thrown from the bike.

The real danger at hotel swimming pools

If you travel with your children, you may find yourself picking a hotel based on whether or not it has an indoor pool. Children love this perk, and it can make any overnight stay feel like a resort visit for them.

However, as a parent, you need to be aware of the potential danger that it poses. Many pools in hotels do not have lifeguards or any other type of security systems, save for an auto-locking door. Are your children at risk?

Drowsy driving and microsleep

Have you ever found yourself driving when you're so tired that you feel like you're about to pass out? You try to fight it, and you succeed for a while. But you still feel exhausted.

Then, suddenly, your eyes snap open. Adrenaline surges through your body. You fell asleep behind the wheel. The car is still in the lane and driving at 60 mph, but you're terrified.

What is a contingency clause?

You're thinking of buying a new property and wondering exactly how you need to draw up the contract. A business partner mentions the need for contingency clauses. What are these and why would you want to use them?

These clauses essentially protect you during the purchase. They give you an option to get out of the deal if certain conditions -- those laid out in the clause -- are not met. It gives you "right to back out of the contract under specified circumstances."

What is the brightest color?

You buy a motorcycle, and it's matte black. Your leather jacket is black. Your riding gloves are black. Your helmet is black.

It's clear to you the very first time that you ride that other drivers have a hard time seeing you. The bike is small, it moves quickly and all of that matte black just blends right into the road. You get nervous that someone is going to hit you because they just don't know that you're there.

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