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Are some types of motorcycles more dangerous?

You're thinking of buying your first motorcycle. You know that riding a bike is more dangerous than riding in a car, but you're willing to accept that risk. Still, you want to make things as safe as you can. Are some types of bikes riskier?

What you'll find is that it is more about how you ride the bike and how well you understand your specific vehicle. For instance, sport bikes have a reputation for being dangerous, but much of the danger lies in the fact that they're incredibly quick bikes. People drive them too fast, they accelerate too quickly and they lose control. You can ride them safely if you choose to.

Is Arizona one of the most dangerous states for hit-and-runs?

Getting involved in a hit-and-run accident can be devastating in ways that are different from other types of accidents. Not only may you or a loved one have serious injuries, but you also experience the injustice of the other driver fleeing the scene. Even when the police catch them, it makes the accident feel far less like an involuntary event and far more like a malicious crash, knowing that they chose to run.

So, is this a serious risk you face driving in Arizona? Is it one of the more dangerous states for hit-and-run accidents?

How do people break into buildings?

When you stay in a hotel, an apartment, a vacation rental or any other type of property that you do not own, you expect that the owner took proper steps to keep you safe. This means using proper security methods to make sure you do not get harmed during some type of criminal activity, like a break-in.

If there is a break-in at a hotel with inadequate security, for instance, you may have a right to compensation if you get injured during the event.

Estate planning when you get married again

You are thinking of doing your estate planning, but you just got married for the second time. Your first marriage ended in divorce. Is there anything you need to know about planning the second time around?

There certainly is. Estate planning grows more complex the more people are involved. Here are a few things to consider.

Arizona Bike Week sees well-known motorcyclist pass away

Arizona Bike Week was supposed to be a celebration, but it turned into more of a memorial after a well-known motorcyclist and bike builder was killed in an accident. He has been described as one of the top bike builders working in the industry right now -- he once built a bike for Brad Pitt -- and he knew many of the people who gathered in Arizona.

They were stunned by the sudden death. Friends spoke openly about what he had meant to them and what it felt like.

The best employment contract protects you and your business

If you are just launching a new business or have reached the stage where you need to hire workers, it is time to define the employer-employee relationship.

Here are six tips for constructing an employment contract that sets out equitable working terms for employees and protects you and your company from potential liability.

Alleged drunk driver hits, kills rideshare driver

Despite the fact that a recent accident happened at 2 p.m., police are alleging that the driver who caused the deadly crash was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the wreck.

The crash happened on Sunday, April 7. The Scottsdale Police Department reports that it happened on the Loop 101 underpass and Hayden Road. Three different vehicles were involved.

Why would a buyer want a short sale?

You're looking to buy a home, and you are considering short sales. Whenever you tell anyone, they mention the potential downsides: You may need to do work on the house, the process can take a long time and you may not save as much as you hope.

Slightly deterred, you decide you want to look into the positive reasons to pursue a short sale. What are the advantages for you? Why would you want to use this option?

2 motorcycle accidents take lives in Arizona

It's become very clear that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Already this spring in Arizona, a pair of accidents claimed lives and left family members with plenty of questions.

One accident happened in Scottsdale, on Loop 101. An investigation is underway, headed up by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). They have not released many details, though they did note that:

  • The crash involved a motorcycle
  • At least one person died
  • The wreck impacted the westbound lanes
  • They had to close down those lanes, leading to heavy delays, so that detectives could investigate

Adjusting to home life after a motorcycle accident with a TBI

You get into a motorcycle accident while wearing a helmet and the crash is not your fault. Another driver pulls out in front of you, but you still wind up in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). You survive and partially recover, but the doctors warn you that TBIs don't always fully heal. When you head home, you'll have some significant changes with which to cope.

It's important to know how to adjust to your new life. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • While your condition may keep improving at home, it's not guaranteed. You need to have realistic expectations. Many people get frustrated because they keep wondering when they'll feel "normal" again, but that day may never come.
  • Going home can actually feel overwhelming. It's a big change. You lose your professional caregivers. You really start to notice the limitations you have. People want to come visit you. While you thought going home would be relaxing, it may all be too much.
  • The rest of the world will go back to normal. Friends and family members will fall back into their old routines. They resume hobbies and attend work and school. You may still feel like you're dealing with a lot, but everyone else slowly shifts back to what life was like before. This can be frustrating and emotionally draining.
  • You may still need care. Going home does not always mean you're again able to take care of yourself. Your relationships with family members can change, or you may need to hire a caregiver.
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