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How does fatigue impact one’s ability to drive?

Any driver on the road must ensure that they’re prepared for the responsibility of traveling safely. Part of this means being well-rested because fatigued driving can lead to significant hazards on the road.

There are several reasons why drivers shouldn’t ever drive if they’re fatigued or drowsy. Any driver who’s showing signs of fatigue, including yawning, blinking frequently or not remembering part of their drive, should get off the road as soon as possible to get sleep before they get back to traveling.

The dangers of driving while fatigued

The impact of fatigue on driving can be as severe as the effects of alcohol or drug impairment, making it a critical issue for road safety. When a driver is fatigued, their reaction times can be delayed, their ability to concentrate is reduced and their judgment can be impaired. This can lead to a failure to notice important signs or obstacles, difficulty maintaining the correct lane and an increased likelihood of falling asleep at the wheel.

Microsleeps when a driver is fatigued is possible. These are periods of sleep while the driver is still driving. They can last several seconds, during which time the vehicle isn’t being controlled at all.

Even short microsleeps can be deadly. If a vehicle is moving at 55 miles per hour, it can go the length of a football field in just five seconds, which is well within the time a microsleep might last. That’s a considerable distance for a crash to occur.

Victims of crashes caused by fatigue might suffer from catastrophic injuries that require medical attention. Seeking compensation for financial damages is possible, but victims must get this done quickly because of time limits set forth in state law.


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