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Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law
Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC dba Faith Law

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Qualified Assistance With Your Debt Collection Efforts

When a debtor owes money to a creditor and the debt is not being paid, it may be time to engage in more comprehensive debt collection tactics. A law firm with debt collection experience can assist with contacting debtors, sending demand letters and filing suit to obtain repayment on the debt whenever necessary.

At Faith, Ledyard & Faith, PLC, we provide dedicated debt collection services to creditors. We have utilized a wide variety of debt collection strategies for both secured and unsecured creditors. Founded in 1979 and based in Avondale, Arizona, you can trust our firm to have your best interests in mind while we pursue the money you or your business are owed.

Types Of Debts We Recover

Our lawyers have decades of experience seeking repayment on many different types of loans to various creditors. Some of the debts we work to recover include:

  • Debts secured by real estate: Real estate-related debts are often the result of foreclosures, and trustee’s sales and can be difficult to collect. We handle all aspects of the collection process for secured creditors, including lenders, real estate agents, real estate companies and more.
  • Debts secured by motor vehicles and other equipment: These types of debts may result in the repossession of the collateral and a suit for the deficiency amount owed to the secured creditor. Our firm works to obtain payment on the debt for dealerships and other motor vehicle sellers, as well as large equipment sales and leasing companies, before repossession or a lawsuit may need to take place.
  • Unsecured debts: Whether a debt is in the form of unpaid medical bills, credit card payments, accounts receivable or something else, we follow through with every step of the process to seek repayment of unsecured debts owed.

Our Process

When your efforts to collect on a debt have been unsuccessful, we can step in and begin our process. Our firm starts with a demand letter and can offer payment plans for the debtor, if authorized by the creditor. If that action does not work, we can follow through on the debt collection process by filing a lawsuit when necessary.

Contact An Experienced Debt Collection Lawyer Today

If you are a creditor and need assistance collecting on a debt you are owed, talk to us about your options today. Please call 623-806-8994 or contact us online to arrange for a consultation with an experienced lawyer. Hourly and contingency fee arrangements are available.