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Arizona Pet Owners Are Strictly Liable For Injuries

Many dog attacks occur without warning or provocation. Whether it is the menacing beast that everyone avoids or an otherwise friendly dog you know by name, the animal’s owner is accountable for any harm it inflicts. This is true even if the dog has never bitten anyone before or shown any vicious propensity.

The experienced personal injury lawyers of Faith Law, PLC, know your rights under Arizona dog bite law. We will pursue every dollar of compensation you are entitled to for medical treatment and the aftermath of a dog attack.

Our firm handles dog bite cases in Goodyear, Goodyear and Litchfield Park and throughout the West Valley. Call 623-806-8994 for a free consultation if you or your child suffered serious injury.

Attorneys Helping Dog Attack Victims Recover Compensation

In Arizona, there is no “one free bite” exemption. Dog owners are strictly liable (automatically responsible) if their animal bites or attacks someone. You can seek damages even if the dog was walking on a leash or chained on the owner’s property.

However, you should not try to handle your own dog bite claim. Our knowledgeable lawyers can counter any affirmative defenses under Arizona statute, such as provocation or trespassing. We are also familiar with the damages you can recover and how to properly document those claims. We pursue all compensation that applies for:

  • Medical treatment of bite wounds
  • Reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery
  • Nerve damage or infection
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Injuries from being chased or knocked down
  • Lost wages for time away from work
  • Emotional trauma (anxiety, nightmares, fear of all dogs, etc.)

Skilled And Compassionate Bite Injury Representation

Please contact us even if you are reluctant to sue a neighbor or relative who owned the dog. In most cases, dog bite claims are covered by the pet owner’s homeowners insurance — you should not have to absorb those losses out of pocket. Many claims can be settled with the insurance company without suing your neighbor or relative.

Our Attorneys Take Dog Bite Injuries Seriously

To arrange a free consultation with an Goodyear dog bite attorney, call Faith Law, PLC, at 623-806-8994 or contact us online and we will respond promptly.