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Truck accidents on the rise throughout the country

In the past decade, the percentage of collisions involving commercial trucks in Arizona and throughout the country has nearly doubled. Any truck that exceeds 10,000 pounds and is not a mobile home or bus is in the category of “large truck.” Data from the National Safety Council shows that approximately 9% of all fatal collisions in the United States involve a large truck. Why are there so many truck accidents?

There are several possible answers to that question. When the number of large trucks on the road increases, so does the risk of collision. Many truck drivers struggle with fatigue, leading to disaster if they fall asleep at the wheel. Some drivers take drugs to stay awake, which is not only unsafe but unlawful, as well.  Others are prone to unsafe lane changes when they fail to notice vehicles in their blind spot when glancing in their sideview mirrors. These and other issues are common causes of truck accidents.

Where and when do most truck accidents occur?

Most truck accidents occur (perhaps surprisingly) on rural roads. Only about one quarter of fatal collisions involving large trucks happen on interstate highways. More than 60% of truck incidents take place during daylight hours. If you’ll be doing a lot of driving in September, you’ll want to be especially cautious. It is during this month that most truck-related collisions occur. In 2021, well over 5,000 large truck accidents occurred on United States’ roadways.

Improve safety and avoid collision

It’s not common to drive on Arizona highways without encountering a large truck. One or more commercial vehicles are typically sharing the road, so the focus should be on improving safety and avoiding collision whenever possible. For example, drivers should never enter an intersection or attempt a pass when a large vehicle obstructs their vision. If you can’t see around a truck, do not proceed until your line of vision is clear.

Remember that trucks have blind spots, especially if you’re riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists should try to maintain a lane position that is visible in a truck driver’s sideview mirror. If you can’t see the driver, then the driver can’t see you.

Navigating the aftermath of a large truck accident

If a truck driver disregards traffic laws or is dealing with a distraction at the wheel, the risk of collision is high. As mentioned earlier, many large truck accidents are fatal. Losing a loved one in a collision is devastating, and family members often experience intense frustration or anger if they learn that their loved one died in an accident caused by a truck driver’s negligence.

If you survive a truck accident, you may have a long road ahead in recovery. Such incidents often result in catastrophic injuries, such as brain or spinal cord trauma. When another person’s negligence is responsible for your injuries, you’re entitled to seek financial recovery for your losses in court.


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