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Is it dangerous to be a pedestrian in Arizona?

Arizona is known for its stunning landscapes and year-round sunshine. Therefore, it’s understandable why it’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

However, for people who enjoy running and walking, Arizona can be a dangerous place.

The statistics

According to data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, Arizona had the second-highest pedestrian fatalities per resident population in the United States in 2022. Several factors contribute to the high rate of pedestrian accidents, including:


Much of Arizona’s infrastructure was designed for motorists, not pedestrians. Wide roads and high-speed limits can make walking in Phoenix and the surrounding areas challenging.

Distracted driving

Like much of the United States, distracted driving is a problem in Arizona. There are laws against texting and driving. Someone committing their first offense in Maricopa County can expect to pay a $75-$149 fine. Even so, many drivers still text and drive, putting pedestrians at risk.

Lack of visibility

Most pedestrian accidents occur at night when visibility is low. In areas without adequate street lighting, the drivers may not see the pedestrians until it’s too late.

Phoenix City Council members realize the enormity of the problem. In December 2023, they voted to lower the speed limit by 5 miles per hour on several city streets. Pedestrians can also take steps to enhance their safety, such as:

  • Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially at night, early in the evening and morning. Consider carrying a flashlight or wearing a headlamp to make yourself more visible to drivers.
  • Always use crosswalks and pedestrian signals where available, even if it means going a little out of your way.
  • Avoid distractions and stay alert.
  • Don’t assume drivers will see you or stop for you.

Arizona is a beautiful state, and being a pedestrian doesn’t have to be dangerous. However, suppose you or a loved one have been injured in a vehicle-pedestrian accident. In that case, it’s essential that you seek compensation to assist with medical expenses and replace lost income during recovery.


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