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Advice from the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner


It is not always easy to navigate the Arizona housing market. Whether someone is acquiring land, investing in a commercial development, looking to stave off foreclosure, or is in the middle of real estate litigation or a property dispute, there are likely going to be complex laws involved. Some of these issues can be resolved in a DIY way, but not many. Much that involves real estate law often requires legal expertise.

The Arizona Real Estate Commissioner recently had a number of things to say to consumers who are involved in the Arizona housing market. The department fulfills a number of obligations, including overseeing licensing and disciplinary actions for timeshares, real estate salespeople and campground memberships. The agency is also involved in regulating residential developments and real estate schools.

When asked about what to do when an Arizona resident is in a real estate dispute, the commissioner offered some advice. If a homebuyer or seller is in a dispute with a real-estate agent, sometimes it is best to first contact the designated broker at the brokerage. While it is sometimes possible to successfully resolve a real estate issue without filing a complaint, this is not always the case. Some issues require expert legal advice that the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner’s office cannot provide.

Property disputes can involve much that requires legal expertise. In order to ensure that every decision made is legally sound, it is oftentimes helpful to make sure that a homebuyer or seller has a solid understanding of Arizona real estate laws.

Source: AZ Central, “Arizona Real Estate Commissioner’s advice to consumers,” Catherine Reagor, April 11, 2014


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