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Arizona legislation allows for commercial spaceflight

States and communities often plan and expand to benefit those residing in the area. A commercial development not only seeks to target the needs of the area but those who will travel through or could benefit on the specific location of a business. In some situation, a development could set the foundation for advancement and could even benefit others on a national scale.

A milestone legislation was recently passes in Arizona. The legislation will lay the foundation for the future commercial development for the spaceflight that will occur in the state. Moreover, the legislation will set the necessary legal foundations needed to make these commercial space activities a reality in the state of Arizona. In addition, this will attract companies to the state.

Both Paragon and World View support this legislation, and the Tucson-based companies due to their desire to acquire the location for future launch sites. This could lead to specific land acquisition and development agreements once the bill is signed into a law. It is not only their desire to obtain the location of launch sites but also attract visitors to the location. This could be very beneficial to residents and tourism in the state.

When a plan is established to make a commercial development, various steps should be taken. Proper research should be conducted in order to establish which route they should go. This is especially true when determining location and cost associated with the project. Making a detailed plan could be very complex and could require the assistance of a professional.

Planning and finalizing a development could entail numerous steps and encountering various issues. Addressing the pitfalls that development agreements and plan could have is important, and those dealing with these issues should seek guidance and assistance when it comes to making major decisions and finalizing an agreement.

Source: Inside Tucson Business, “Commercial spacelift industry launched in Arizona, Gov. Brewer signs legislation in Tucson,” June 19, 2014


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