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Arizona lawmakers seek to stop commercial development

Many Arizona residents may have heard about a new Indian casino in the early stages of development to be built in the West Valley near Glendale. The project has come under fire, with many saying the Tohono O’odham nation should not be able to build the casino resort on land that is not incorporated into the nation’s reservation. Three Arizona lawmakers have now joined the fight to prevent the project from going forward. The House has already passed a bill disallowing Indian nations from building gaming establishments on unincorporated land. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have introduced a similar bill in the Senate.

Unfortunately, the Tohono O’odham nation is not the only entity that faces trouble with commercial development. Many Arizona individuals and businesses find themselves confronting multiple problems from the get-go of the development process, which could deter them from continuing or could leave them unprofitable.

These commercial development issues include financial, legal, and public relation problems. Those seeking to build need to take precaution in the land acquisition process, and they should be well aware of any applicable zoning laws. As the process proceeds, developers also must craft fail-safe contracts with construction companies and investors. Failing to do so could be problematic for a developer, resulting in delays and unexpected expenses.

Thus, it is important that those who are considering developing property speak with an experienced Arizona attorney. A lawyer can help individuals and companies create development agreements that assess and handle any and all legal issues that may arise, preventing issues from taking developers by surprise.

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