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What is the purpose of Phoenix’s zoning laws?

Real estate developments serve many important purposes in our state. The right Arizona development can provide commercial space for shopping, entertainment and more. Or, a development can provide office space for businesses to grow. Residential developments can provide a range of housing opportunities. No matter the type of development, a lot of planning goes into the creation of these developments. There are economic concerns, environmental concerns and governmental constraints to adhere to. Developers must take these considerations into account and delicately balance interests when planning a new real estate development.

One of the major considerations people may have when undertaking any sort of project in Phoenix is the zoning code. Zoning ordinances define where certain types of developments can be placed within a particular city. Therefore, a developer can only build certain types of projects in certain locations.

According to Chapter 1, section 102 of Phoenix’s zoning ordinance, the purpose of the zoning code is to aid in the general welfare, safety and health of the city. The zoning code is also in place to ensure that the city’s residents and facilities have adequate access to services, including parks, schools, water, transportation and sewage treatments. Furthermore, the code is meant to enhance the aesthetic value of the city and make the most appropriate use of available land.

Zoning ordinances can be complex for citizens and developers alike. Since ordinances can change from city to city, and can include many exceptions, this blog post cannot provide legal advice. However, with the right help, people can get a better understand of local zoning rules and make the most of them in their situation.

Source: Zoning Ordinance, “Chapter 1, Section 102,” accessed Aug. 24, 2014

Source: Zoning Ordinance, “Chapter 1, Section 102,” accessed Aug. 24, 2014


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