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The importance of legal help in a real estate dispute

Given the lucrative nature of real estate in general — and Arizona in particular — many people are trying to get involved in it as owners, developers or by working in construction. That lends itself to the creation of jobs and income for many. It also sets the stage for the possibility of a real estate dispute. Knowing the various ins and outs of the real estate industry can help a person who’s getting involved in it, but nothing beats having the assistance of a fully qualified and experienced attorney to avoid legal mishaps when doing business with others.

Having an attorney who has a wealth of experience in the building trades not just as an attorney, but also as a builder and contractor is a tough combination to beat when taking steps in the industry. So many issues must be considered such as a sale dispute, zoning issues and property insurance among many others that it makes no sense to go it alone or try to look for legal help that might not have the breadth of knowledge to truly help. Many factors go into purchasing a home for one’s personal use or as an investment, embarking on a career as a developer or trying to start one’s own business in real estate. It’s a necessity to have an understanding of the various laws.

It’s unavoidable that disputes between contractors, buyers and renters will arise. It’s best to mitigate these issues before they expand. Acquiring land is one thing, but knowing the construction mandates and how to resolve conflict is imperative. Acquiring financing to purchase a home requires knowledge of the law to avoid paying to much or being swindled by an unscrupulous seller. Commercial property, foreclosures, expansions and even evictions are some of the many hurdles that a person who is involved in real estate is likely to face.

Even those who have flawless business plans, excellent credit and wherewithal in the real estate market will need legal advice to avoid the traps with contentious disagreements that many – successful and unsuccessful – have fallen into in the past. A legal professional with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge is a must to ensure the foundation is in place both literally and figuratively. Our firm can provide this help, experience and more in response to a real estate dispute.


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