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What is the purpose of zoning ordinances?

Whether it is planning a subdivision, constructing a factory or building a strip mall, it is important for developers to understand the different types of zoning ordinances. One basic question that needs to be addressed, though, is why are there zoning ordinances in the first place?

The city of Avondale, in its zoning ordinances, has laid out the purpose of such ordinances. First of all, zoning ordinances are meant to promote the city’s development plans, both general and specific. No land, structure or other type of building may be developed or constructed in Avondale except per the zoning ordinances.

There are several purposes for having zoning ordinances. First and foremost, zoning ordinances are meant to help promote the basic welfare, safety and public health. This includes making sure growth is developed in an orderly fashion.

Zoning ordinances address a number of topics. They aim to ensure there will be appropriate water, schools, transportation, sewers and parks in the city. This includes ensuring the streets will not be overly congested. They also provide regulations regarding how buildings and land may be used, whether it be for residential, industrial, commercial or agricultural purposes. To do so, the city is divided into certain types of districts.

Also, zoning ordinances can dictate where buildings may be constructed, in addition to dictating how many stories tall the buildings may be. This includes ensuring that an adequate amount of open space is preserved, including that for recreation and fresh air. Zoning ordinances can also address the design and aesthetics of any buildings constructed.

The city of Avondale’s zoning ordinances are an important part of the city’s development. Developers who wish to learn more about the types of zoning and other legal issues may want to speak to a professional who can answer their questions.

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