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Is a building permit necessary when planning construction?

While improving one’s home or business in Avondale might seem like a simple, straightforward process of securing the financing to do it, coming up with a plan and moving forward, it’s actually more complicated than that. One aspect that must be considered is whether or not it’s necessary to secure a building permit and what the process is for doing so. A key is to have the proper plans in place with construction designs and applying for the right permits.

The permits are necessary to ensure the safety and viability of the project. In addition, without the right permits, the homeowner might not be able to sell the home for the value that the improvements added, as it could be disadvantageous not to have acquired these permits. There are many reasons why the permits are important including getting loans on the property, making an insurance claim and, of course, selling the property.

These permits are needed for a remodeling projecting, building a new project, making home additions and improving the property. Any project, whether it’s do-it-yourself or not, such as if there is a builder or contractor hired or even something a handyman can do, might need permits. Putting in a new room, an extra bathroom, a pool or a garage will require permits to make certain that the work is legal. There are certain rules to acquiring permits. In most cases, it’s necessary to have drawings of the proposal. With a commercial project an architect will probably be needed. The planned work must be clear and understandable.

The requirements can be simple or slightly more complicated depending on the project. These regulations are not in place to draw fees to the city or to make things more difficult for the property owner and contractor, but to protect the public and businesses in case of any unforeseen occurrences. When there is any confusion regarding whether or not a permit is required, contacting the Development Services Center can provide information. Of course, before embarking on any project, it is also wise to have the proper legal foundation with assistance from a qualified legal professional.

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