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Phoenix’s commercial building permit requirements are extensive

Deciding to build a commercial property involves making a lot of decisions and a tremendous amount of planning. Before construction may begin, a property owner must obtain a building permit. The City of Phoenix provides a comprehensive checklist that details its requirements before the city will issue a building permit.

Applicants must provide basic information such as project description, project location, as well as contractor and owner information to the city’s Planning and Development Department. The city requires submission of two complete sets of plans, plus a fee that is based upon their fee schedule.

The city requires comprehensive plans so that it may obtain a clear picture of the applicant’s intentions for the structure. The plans must include a site plan that details the specifics of the location, including location of buildings and structures, streets, parking and property lines. The applicant must provide interior details in required architectural plans, including specific floor, roof and ceiling plans, as well as identifying the use of each room. The architectural plans must include a great deal of specificity, as they must show cross sectional views and wall details, as well as accessibility to restrooms and elevators.

The city’s Planning and Development Department requires submission of mechanical plans, plumbing plans, electrical drawings and structural drawings as well. Additionally, the city requires general code data, such as location of fire alarms and sprinklers, emergency lights and exits, as well as occupancy limits, to ensure the planned structure will comply with the city’s building code.

For particularly complex projects, the Planning and Development Department may require additional drawings. The above requirements are only some of the city’s prerequisites for issuing a building permit. It is essential for an applicant to submit a thorough and detailed application for a building permit. An experienced real estate attorney familiar with the City of Phoenix’s requirements can assist an applicant during this detailed process.

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