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Arizona contractor has licenses revoked after complaints

Construction of a new structure often involves the involvement of numerous businesses. From clearing the construction site to building the structure itself, oftentimes a property owner will find himself dealing with a number of different entities. Unfortunately, with all of these entities involved, sometimes a particular contractor proves unreliable, or even unethical, and a construction dispute may arise.

An Arizona company specializing in excavating and hauling has recently had its licenses revoked following numerous disputes with homeowners. Multiple complaints and citations had been filed against the penalized company by residential property owners. The complaints added up to over $1 million in contractual agreements. Some of these complaints involved allegations that the company contracted beyond the scope that its licenses allowed, contracted with an individual who was suspended or revoked, as well as performed poor work and abandoned projects prior to completion. Following investigation of the complaints, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors filed eight citations covering a total of 47 specific issues.

The excavating and hauling company signed an agreement with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, deemed a “consent order,” in which it consented to the license revocations. The terms of the consent order included dismissal of 17 counts and admission of 30 violations of Arizona law, and settled 11 specific cases filed against the contractor.

The result of these license revocations is that the company will be prohibited from operating in Arizona for at least one year. Despite the consent order and license revocations, three complaints against the contractor are still outstanding. They will be reviewed under the standard adjudicative process.

Unfortunately, instances of contractors who fail to complete the work as required do occur, but thankfully there is a process for Arizona homeowners to lodge complaints and see that appropriate actions are taken against such contractors.

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