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Arizona attorneys represent commercial lessees and lessors

Commercial real estate transactions are often complex and time-sensitive. Whether a party is choosing to lease a property, or an owner is opting to become a lessor, there are often many moving parts that must be considered before a deal is final.

As this blog reported in a previous post, two primary concerns for an Arizona resident seeking to lease a commercial property are the length of the lease term, as well as the rent. There are other questions that may arise too. Landlords may have questions about how best to structure a commercial lease on the front end. It can be a challenge to ensure that the terms properly represent what responsibilities a landlord wants to retain and what responsibilities he or she wants to delegate to a tenant.

Sometimes disputes may arise between landlords and tenants mid-way through a lease’s term, or if one party wants to terminate the lease. Interpreting a lease’s provisions to determine how a potential dispute should be resolved and then actually negotiation a resolution can be facilitated with the guidance of a skilled attorney. Sometimes a commercial property may become the subject of a foreclosure, which can give rise to a number of additional questions regarding the rights of tenants and landlords.

The attorneys of Faith Law, PLC are experienced real estate attorneys who represent both landlords and tenants in the West Valley and the greater Phoenix region, as well as throughout the state of Arizona. Seeking guidance as soon as a question or dispute arises can prevent future complications and benefit a business owner immeasurably, whether he or she is a landlord or a tenant.

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