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Arizona landlords, tenants must follow specific requirements

Landlords and tenants alike may enter into a lease optimistically, hoping for a beneficial and amenable relationship. Frequently, landlords and tenants do have successful relationships, but, as Arizona residents are undoubtedly aware, sometimes lease disputes arise between the parties. This often makes legal actions necessary. It may help prospective or current landlords and tenants to be aware of some of their particular rights and obligations.

A tenant in Arizona has certain obligations and liabilities. A tenant must maintain the rental premises in as good of condition as when he took possession of the premises, though the law recognizes that ordinary wear and tear will occur. A tenant is not permitted to remove or intentionally damage the rental premises without permission of the landlord. A tenant is also liable to pay rent for the premises, of course.

In the event an Arizona tenant does not maintain his obligations as part of a lease, a landlord has rights, as well. A landlord has the right to reenter the premises and take possession or begin legal action for recovery of the premises if a tenant does not pay rent that is due and is in arrears for five days. A landlord may also take legal action when a tenant violates other terms of the lease.

If a landlord or tenant is involved in a residential property dispute or anticipates that a potential lease dispute may be on the horizon, he or she may wish to seek legal counsel to protect his or her rights and help resolve the dispute. It may be wise to take cautious action if a potential lease dispute is brewing between parties, as real estate disputes have the potential to be contentious.

Source: Arizona State Legislature, “Sec. 33-361: Violation of lease by tenant; right of landlord to reenter; summary action for recovery of premises; appeal; lien for unpaid rent; enforcement,” accessed Nov. 13, 2015


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