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Attorneys help Arizonans facing construction disputes

Homeowners hire contractors and subcontractors for their expertise in a particular field. Whether it is a plumber to install pipes, an electrician to fix electrical problems or a general contractor to oversee the construction or renovation of a home, homeowners rely on these men and women to be experts in their fields and to complete their particular jobs properly and professionally.

Unfortunately, sometimes contractors and subcontractors fail to do the work they were hired for, thus leading to problems for homeowners. As this blog reported in a previous post, a contractor may fail to pay subcontractors, which may result in a mechanic’s lien being placed on an Arizona homeowner’s property.

When a situation arises and a homeowner can no longer rely on or trust his or her contractors, a homeowner may wish to seek out legal counsel. The attorneys of Faith Law, PLC, are experienced in handling construction disputes between homeowners and contractors, as well as difficulties that might arise between commercial developers and contractors. Furthermore, when disputes arise between contractors and subcontractors, the firm’s attorneys are available to represent these parties as well.

The firm’s founding attorney, Paul J. Faith, has particular insight into the construction field, as he is a licensed general contractor with over three decades of experience. This first-hand insight can prove invaluable for the firm’s clients. Familiar with the everyday realities of the construction business, Mr. Faith recognizes the demands, and sometimes the politics, that can arise in the construction field.

For additional information, please visit our webpage. This could provide general information regarding construction law, helping individuals take timely and necessary steps in their matters.


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