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Arizona attorneys for commercial real estate developers

Often a developer or real estate owner will have a great vision for a parcel of Phoenix commercial property, but may have questions about the legal requirements and regulations he or she must follow. Real estate developers must comply with not only Arizona state law, but also local zoning and planning regulations. As this blog reported in a previous post, Phoenix has certain zoning regulations designed to encourage and promote development in an orderly fashion, but the rules must be complied with precisely.

The attorneys of Faith Law, PLC can help Phoenix developers of commercial real estate go forward with their projects in compliance with these and other legal and regulatory requirements. In the event a property owner is interested in pursuing a Special Planning District, for example, the firm’s attorneys can help organize the appropriate petition and plans for a client, as well as offer legal guidance about possible hurdles that may arise.

The firm’s attorneys have experience in handling all manner of commercial property transactions in Arizona, including financing, real property sales and acquisitions. They can help clients navigate planning and zoning requirements, from the process of obtaining special use permits or variances to ordinance drafting and platting.

For additional information about how the attorneys of Faith Law, PLC can assist clients pursuing commercial real estate ventures, please visit our website. It can be invaluable to have the advocacy of knowledgeable and experienced Arizona real estate lawyers on your side when pursuing a commercial real estate project.


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