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Attorneys counsel Arizonans when real estate disputes arise

If you are an Arizonan, then you have likely entered into a real estate transaction at some point with your eyes open, meaning you were aware of the condition of the property, any restrictions or covenants existing with the property, and you might even be aware of some of the property’s history. But you should be aware of any existing easements prior to purchasing a property, as well. Despite the awareness of an existing property restriction or easement, however, it is possible that a real estate dispute may arise down the line, as this blog reported in a previous post.

A real estate dispute between neighboring property owners has the possibility of creating a number of potential problems for a homeowner, not only legally, but also personally. Legal counsel can provide invaluable assistance in resolving residential property disputes in a way that is hopefully fair, favorable, and, if possible, in a way that retains relationships.

The attorneys of Faith, Ledyard & Faith PLC are skilled in their field and can provide counsel when a property owner has questions regarding his or her rights pertaining to an easement. Whether a property owner is the holder of an easement or another holds an easement and can use his or her property, the attorneys of Faith, Ledyard & Faith PLC can assist property owners in clarifying legalities surrounding easements, as well as pursue real estate litigation, should it become necessary.

Additional information about how the attorneys of Faith, Ledyard & Faith PLC can assist Arizonans with real estate disputes, whether an issue related to an easement, or matters of adverse possession, breach of contract or right-of-way disputes, may be found on our website.


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