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Problems arise when zoning restrictions are violated

When it comes to land you have purchased, developed, leased or inherited, you may find yourself having to deal with some unexpected issues. For example, let’s imagine have land that is being used or you intend to use as commercial property. You will likely have extensive plans and goals for that land that affect your personal and professional finances.

If you get the unfortunate news that the land is not zoned for commercial purposes, you could be facing some serious problems. 

Property is zoned for different purposes, including residential, commercial, industrial and historical uses. These restrictions allow jurisdictions to control the how land is used. If your building or site is found to be in violation of Arizona zoning regulations, a number of different actions may be taken.

The construction, maintenance, repair, renovation or any other work being performed on the property will likely be stopped until the conflict can be resolved. Tenants will be prohibited from moving in. If the building already exists and there is already business being conducted there, such activities could be halted.

While any of these actions has the potential to be very upsetting, property owners are not without options. It may be possible to request a change in the zoning, a variance or non-conforming use permission. However, each of these potential solutions can be complicated and every situation is different.

Because of how complicated it can be to resolve these types of real estate matters and considering how much could be at stake, it can be wise for any person facing this type of situation to discuss the options available with an attorney. Having the help of a legal representative can prove to be of great benefit to any person facing zoning regulation issues.


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