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Qualities of a good executor

Choosing an executor should be done very careful when creating and executing a will. While there are very few restrictions on who specifically can serve as one’s executor, it is not an appointment to be taken lightly. If you are considering naming an executor, please carefully consider some standards that every executor should meet in order to truly be not only eligible but also worthy of the position.

Your executor will have the responsibility of making sure that your will is followed when it comes time for your estate to be distributed as you have specified. That person will also make sure that all of your estate’s bills and taxes are paid, and if necessary will appear in court on behalf of your estate. While these responsibilities should not come at any cost to the executor, it will require a person who can be trusted to accomplish these tasks in the appropriate time frame to keep your estate in good standing and not diminish its value.

It is certainly important to choose someone who is not only capable of handling the necessary affairs well, but also someone who can hopefully help avoid the many kinds of conflicts that can arise when an estate comes time to be distributed. In many cases, naming one individual, such as a family member, over another can lead to infighting between beneficiaries and those you love. If there is an executor you can choose who will be capable of keeping the proceedings as simple and non-confrontational as possible, this person is well worth considering.

Administrating an estate is always difficult when there are personal relationships involved. If you need help keeping the administration of your estate straightforward and conflict-free, an experienced attorney can help keep everything above-board and make sure that your wishes are followed while helping to avoid interpersonal conflicts.

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