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Sedona residents protest new water tower

One of the primary purposes of zoning laws is often protecting and preserving elements of nature that surround a community, They ensure that the short-term desires of the present are not upheld: to walk all over hundreds or thousands of years of natural resources for the sake of convenience or fleeting business interests. Our neighbors in Sedona are currently facing a tricky dilemma — many city officials and industry professionals say that the community needs to install a new water tank to meet the demands of living in a dry, demanding area. However, many residents of the area where the water tank would be installed don’t want the tank disrupting their community, fearing that it will affect their home values, among other things.

The water tank was set to move ahead before a surprising number of residents from the area where the tank is planned to go showed up at public meetings and protested the tank fiercely. In response, the utility provider has proposed that they could place the tank underground, instead of building a more traditional above-ground water tower. In addition, any above-ground components of the facility could be built to match the existing architecture styles in the area, so as not to disrupt the neighborhood.

It is reasonable to understand the concerns raised by the frustrated residents — after all, adding an unsightly tower to a scenic, natural skyline could reasonably detract from home values, and the process of building the tower will be a messy, loud affair. However, the needs of the larger community must also be considered, and water availability is arguably more important to a community than home values, especially in a desert-like region.

If you have concerns about zoning issues affecting your home, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney who can help you explore your options and ensure that your rights remain protected.

Source: Cronkite News, “Red rocks, a water tank and angry neighbors: controversy flows in Sedona,” Saundra Wilson, April 05, 2017


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