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Adding lights to your motorcycle is a quick safety fix

When you ride a motorcycle, you are at an immediate disadvantage if a vehicle hits you. You are out in the open; you do not have the protection of a closed compartment reinforced by a steel frame.

There are safety measures you can take, however, and one of them is to add auxiliary lights to your bike to make it appear a larger, brighter object that is more visible to motorists.

All in for safety

Black is the traditional preference for motorcyclists, both in terms of wearing apparel and the color of their bikes. However, many riders are trending toward brighter colors, such as high-visibility yellow or orange in helmets, vests and jackets so that motorists can see them better. Those who often ride after dark might add reflective tape to their motorcycles. Now there is a trend toward adding auxiliary lights, not only for better visibility at night but also during the day.

Choosing the pattern

There are two main types of auxiliary driving lights:

  • Shorter, wider light pattern: With an arc of 30 to 35 degrees, these lights added to your low beam headlight provide better illumination for the side of the road, enabling you to see joggers, bicycle riders or animals more clearly.
  • Longer, narrower light pattern: This is a more highly concentrated pattern that helps you identify objects in the road ahead more easily, giving you added time in which to stop or take evasive action.

Before purchasing your new set of lights, be sure to check the electrical system on your bike; each new light will require an additional 55 watts of power.

Enjoy the ride

As a motorcycle rider, you are undoubtedly aware of the possibility of accidents and severe personal injury. Adding high-performance auxiliary driving lights is a great way to increase your safety out on the road. If your motorcycle is a new model, the manufacturer may have included auxiliary lights as part of the package. If your beloved bike is an older model, no problem. You will find auxiliary lights to be an effective, affordable safety feature, enabling you to get more enjoyment out of each ride.



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