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Becoming injured by glass on a private property

When you are present on a private property as an “invitee” this means that the owner of the property has explicitly or implicitly invited you onto his or her property. Legally, this means that they should carry out all reasonable steps to ensure that you are safe and protected from harm when you are on the property.

Times that you are legally considered as an invitee is when you are present in places such as shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants and amusement parks. There have been many cases where a person is present in places such as these and have consequently been injured by broken glass.

What to do when you have suffered from a broken glass injury

The most important step when you have been injured by broken glass is to ensure that you are safe and well. If you fell on the glass, it can be very dangerous since the glass could have become lodged into deep tissue. It is important to make sure that all shards of glass have been removed and that you have an x-ray if necessary to assess the damage.

Who is at fault for my broken glass injury?

The property owner and their employees should have taken out all necessary precautions to ensure that you did not get injured by broken glass. This means that if they were aware of the broken glass and did not do anything about it, they are likely to be liable for your injuries. If you have suffered pain and financial damages as a result of your broken glass injury, you may be able to recoup this from the property owner.

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