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What legal issues might I encounter as an entrepreneur?

Being a business owner in Arizona comes with many challenges that can make it hard for you to reach the goals you hope to achieve. You may have many plans for your next business venture. But if you are not careful to take the right precautions, you could end up wasting time, money and encountering some legal issues that keep your company from getting off the ground.

Legal issues and other business concerns can come up unexpectedly and cause you a lot of stress and frustration. You can avoid those feelings and the negative implications they can bring by taking the following factors into consideration as you form your company.

Employee classification

It is important for you to review federal and local guidelines about employee classification. The laws are very distinct when it comes to employees and independent contractors. If you do not classify your workers properly, you could end up spending more money in litigation, back wages, benefits and other associated fees.

Business structure

Take time to research the different types of business formation structures that are available for your company. Be sure to think about the tax implications, mergers, funding and virtually every other aspect. The wrong structure could cause you to encounter issues that interfere with your company’s operations and longevity.

Intellectual property and trademarks

When choosing logos, product and service names, brands, and other identifying items, you must register them before you can use them legally. It is important for you to check and see if there are existing patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights in place. If you do not, you could face litigation from different sources for violating and infringing upon the owners of those intellectual properties.

Do not rush when building the foundation of your company. The extra care and effort you put into doing things properly can save you much time, frustration and expenses in the future. You can also protect your company’s reputation and make sure to meet your business goals and needs.


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