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3 car accident injuries that might not show up right away

Individuals may believe that people who wind up hurt in car accidents in Phoenix area end up with injuries that are immediately noticeable by sight and sensation. However, it is not uncommon for car accident victims to have slow developing injuries that they might not notice until much later.

The first few weeks after a car accident are extremely critical. During that time, hidden injuries can present themselves. The initial soreness and discomfort can be a sign of serious problems beneath the skin. Here is a brief overview of common delayed car accident injuries.

1. Traumatic brain injuries

Once the shock and emotional trauma of car accidents wear off, most people can resume their normal activities. However, victims who exhibit personality changes, mood disorders, sleeplessness, have trouble seeing and remembering things, and other unusual modifications in behavior could have traumatic brain injuries. Untreated TBIs can lead to serious health complications, ranging from temporary brain damage, loss of organ and motor functions to paralysis and even death.

2. Internal hemorrhaging

Bleeding can happen on the inside of the body when blood vessels and organs become damaged in car accidents. Victims may notice swelling, pain upon pressure, deep bruising and discoloration in their abdomen and other areas of their bodies several hours to days after their accidents that could indicate internal hemorrhaging. Untreated internal bleeding can cause fainting, dizziness and death if it is not diagnosed and treated promptly.

3. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Car accidents can cause some people to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. The symptoms include night terrors, anxiety, recurring memories of their accidents, depression and other crippling feelings that interfere with their lives.

Prompt treatment of these sorts of injuries can be critical for car accident victims when it comes to avoiding potentially serious complications to their health. Victims of car accidents may want to watch themselves in the weeks following their incidents for any of the above symptoms and follow up with their physicians to rule out the presence of hidden car accident injuries.


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