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Common injuries at the grocery store

Accidents can happen anywhere, and many of them are caused by nothing but sheer bad luck. However, it can feel very frustrating and unfair when you know that a profitable business caused your painful and inconvenient injury through negligence.

You may have gone through a large amount of pain and even suffered from a loss of wages as a result of your injury; therefore, it makes a lot of sense that you would desire some compensation to level the situation. The following are some of the most common injuries that occur in grocery stores that can be subject to negligence claims.

Injuries that occurred on parking lots

Parking lots can easily fall into disrepair if not well-maintained by the owner. However, the owner has a responsibility to keep customers safe. Any cracks, holes or uncleared ice on parking lots could be grounds for negligence.

Injuries from faulty and dangerous shopping carts

Shopping carts can hurt people if they are faulty. They can be unbalanced in this case and have the potential to crush limbs if not properly maintained.

Injuries from falling items

If products in a grocery store are not safely stored on shelves, they can cause severe head or bodily injuries. Thought must be placed in the layout of the store to avoid falling items, and the grocery store owners have a legal duty to ensure that items are placed safely.

If you have been injured when on the premises of a privately owned property such as a parking lot or grocery store, you should consider how your life has been impacted before taking action.

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