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Negligent serving at Arizona bars

When you order a drink at a bar, you will likely have faith that the bartender will be serving the drink that you requested, and the correct quantity of it, too. It is likely that you will also expect it to be safe to consume. There are instances however when this is not the case.

Bars have the legal duty to provide drinks that are safe to be consumed, but they also have the duty to not overserve drinks, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

There have been instances of drinks being dangerous for consumption. This can include glass being present in the drink, or cases where people have been given beer bottles that are broken. Other instances include customers consuming drinks that have toxic ingredients. In situations like these, the injured person can pursue a products liability claim.

In other situations, a personal liability claim might be necessary. This is true for instances where you believe that you have been overserved. For example, if you are ordering single vodka and mixer drinks all evening, but you have been receiving triple measures, then the bar is acting in negligence. This overserving may result in injury, or could even mean that you require medical care. Similarly, you might drive home believing that you are under the legal limit when in fact you are not.

If you have been overserved in a bar, then it is likely that the bar engaged in negligence and put you in danger of hurting yourself or others. It is, therefore, important to take action in such instances.

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