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Common questions about injuries in hotels

When you become injured on a property that is not owned by you, it could have been an unavoidable accident that was no one’s fault. However, if you are injured because of some fault that existed on that property, it will likely mean that you feel angry and helpless.

You are likely suffering from pain, medical costs and perhaps even a loss of wages as a result of an injury that happened in a hotel. It makes sense that you would seek to claim damages in order to reimburse what you lost. The following are some common questions about liability in hotels.

What liability do hotels have when it comes to the things that happen on their premises?

If a person is injured due to the unsafe state of the hotel premises, such as broken glass on the lobby floor, spilt water in the breakfast area or a faulty and dangerous plug socket, then it is likely that the hotel could be liable.

However, is it not usual for a hotel to be held liable for occurrences that occur on their property, such as crimes relating to assault.

What responsibilities do hotels have to prevent injuries and incidents on their premises?

Hotels, just like stores and restaurants, have the responsibility to keep their premises as safe as possible. This also includes being able to foresee crimes or violent incidents, whenever possible.

If you have been injured in a hotel and you believe that it was due to the negligent management of the premises, it is important to consider taking action.

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