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Taking action after a bowling alley injury

Bowling is a fun activity to participate in with friends and family. It means that you can have an active day or evening out, and indulge in your favorite foods and drinks at the same time. However, not all bowling alley visits are fun and games. Some people have experiences that result in accidents and injuries.

Bowling alleys, just like any other public premises, from cinemas to shopping malls, pose certain risks. It is possible to injure yourself anywhere, but when you injure yourself on a premises owned by a company, they have the responsibility to keep you as a visitor safe.

What are common injuries that can take place in bowling alleys?

The fact that bowling alleys are a place where people play, eat and drink can pose some dangers. Food and drink can be spilled on floors, which has the potential to create slip-and-fall hazards. It is also possible to suffer from food poisoning in a bowling alley.

In addition, the equipment used for bowling can be dangerous. It can cause injuries to the hands, such as thumb and wrist sprains. The repeat action of swinging the ball can also result in biceps tendinopathy and shoulder injuries, especially if the bowling ball provided is too heavy for the player. If you have not been provided with adequate footwear, it is also possible to suffer from foot injuries as a result of dropping the ball.

If you are suffering from an injury that occurred at a bowling alley, you should consider whether the premises could have done more to prevent the incident.

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